Senior Band Expand Seasonal Concert Programme

14 Nov 2019

Enderby Band are pleased to announce an expanded series of three concerts for the festive season. In addition to the traditional concert at Enderby Parish Church and the recently added concert at Hinckley Salvation Army Hall, they will also be appearing at Thomas Estley Community College in Broughton Astley.

The new concert will feature the Broughton Astley Rock Choir led by Sarah Stephens. Sarah is very well known to the Enderby Band having led other Rock Choirs in concerts also featuring the band. She is also a regular soloist at the band’s Christmas concerts and will be appearing once again this year at the concert in Enderby Parish Church.

The concert in Enderby Parish Church has become an integral part of the village’s Christmas preparations, and the band is always delighted to welcome villagers and folk from further afield to share their seasonal cheer. It will be a chance for the band to reflect on another year of success and growth and the band will be keen to show off their current fine form to a local audience.

The concert at Hinckley Salvation Army Hall will once again feature Hinckley Rock Choir under the direction of their new MD Kirk Hastings. It will be Kirk’s first experience of the Enderby Band and we are very much looking forward to meeting and forging a relationship with him.

Speaking about the upcoming Christmas period, band chairman Ian Hayto commented:

“We’re really looking forward to the Christmas season this year. Although its very, very busy for the band with all the carol playing we do on top of the concerts, it’s also very enjoyable. Personally, as chairman I’m keen to expand the number of concerts we do, not just at Christmas but throughout the year, so I’m very pleased to be doing an extra Christmas concert."

"The concerts featuring the Rock Choirs both represent breaking new ground to a degree as we have never worked with Kirk before, and the Broughton group was only formed this year. We are looking forward to making new musical friends at both events and I am sure both will be joyous evenings of music which seems to be something of a Rock Choir trademark."

"But for me, the real highlight of the season for us is the Monday night concert at Enderby Church. Since I have been a member of the band this concert has expanded hugely, to the point where we are close to outgrowing the church, due to its popularity. It’s become an essential part of my Christmas and I hope it is an essential part of the village’s Christmas too.”

Christmas is a critical time of year for the band, who are entirely self-funding, and reliant on donations and members’ subscriptions to survive. The successes of recent years will see the band promoted to the elite Championship Section in 2020, which means they will be competing against some of the world’s best brass bands. The extra costs involved will undoubtedly put added pressure on the band’s finances, so the Christmas period is especially important. However, they honoured to be representing the village of Enderby and its surrounding area at such a prestigious level and are keen to stay grounded in the community they have represented for 125 years, as Ian reflects:

“Next year we will be playing in the highest tier of brass banding and will be competing against some leading bands who are able to pull in the best players nationally and in some cases internationally. I’m confident we can hold our own, but it is equally important that we remain an active and valued member of the community. The concerts along with the various other carolling jobs we do in December are a part of that. I have no doubt that it’ll be a tough time getting ourselves established at that level, but we’re very proud to be representing the village and are very much looking forward to the challenge.”

For more information on the band’s Christmas playing schedule, or for more information generally, please see the band’s website and social media accounts.

Twitter: @EndubzBand

Concert Dates:

Friday 13th December, 7:30-10:00pm, Hinckley Salvation Army Hall: LE10 0AW
Monday 15th December, 7:30-10:00pm, Enderby Parish Church: LE19 4AR
Friday 20th December, 7:30-10:00pm, Thomas Estley Community Concert: LE9 6PT 

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