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14 Mar 2018

Regular visitors here will have noticed a new look for our website. We decided the 'old' site needed a little sprucing up so we have been working hard in the background over the last few months with our developer Peter Bourne to deliver these improvements. Although the general design has been kept the same, it has effectively been a ground-up rebuild of the entire site and incorporates a number of improvements and extra functions. We'll let you have a click around to discover what we have changed, but to get you started here are a few highlights:

The site is now built on a fully responsive platform - this means it automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the deivce it is being viewed on. We have noticed since we re-launched the EBO's site a few years ago that usage on smartphones and tablet computers has increased threefold. Therefore we felt an adaptive site was crucial to give the best possible viewing experience on devices with smaller screens. If you want to see how this works, open the site on a largeish monitor and restore down the window from full screen. If you then gradually reduce the width of the window you will see how the site display adapts. Clever stuff!

Next you will notice that we have tidied up the top menu, this was mainly due to the expansion of the EBO and to 'future proof' any further expansion. Our bands' individual pages can be found by clicking the 'bands' drop down and selecting the appropriate band. Speaking of the band pages, we've also tidied up the design of these. The old page could get quite long with player profiles and galleries so we have now added a sub menu of tabs for these to keep the page compact.

Another change to the top menu is the addition of the 'Bandroom Project' page. This exciting and crucial project is vital to ensure the future of the EBO. This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses so do keep visiting to check up on progress. The project is in its very early stages so if you think you can help us in any way, please contact us via the link on the page.

One of the major functionality changes is to our Events Diary. Click on the 'News and Events' drop down and select 'Events'. You will now see a list of all of our future events, but you can also filter this list by one or more bands by selecting the appropriate icon. To clear the filter press 'Display All Bands' or to add or remove other bands click the appropriate icon once (to add) and twice (to remove), the filter will update automatically. Each individual event has further information available by clicking on the event line, which will open another page. Here you will see all the information you will need including start and finish times. Clicking the add to calendar button will drop the event into your devices calendar so there is now no excuse to miss one of our events!

The news pages have also had a dusting of extra functionality, and the new site will allow our editors to add fully functioning galleries to the news articles and a headline photo for each news item.

Finally, we have added extra functionality to the Contact Us form. This now allows the user to select the band and type of enquiry if they wish. This will then send the enquirey to the appropriate person within the organisation, speeding up our response and meaning you will deal immediately with the right person. If you are unsure, simply select 'Enderby Bands Organisation' and 'General Enquiry' and your message will be sent to our webmaster just as before.

We sincerely hope you like the new look and enjoy your time visiting this site. Your feedback is most welcome - please contact webmaster@enderbybands.co.uk or use the contact us form. We appreciate your visit here and please call in regularly to stay up to speed with all the news of the Enderby Band Organisation.

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